This unit was established in January 2000 to prepare safe and sterile chemotherapy drugs for patients. Now, this unit has become the cytotoxic reconstitution center for Daycare Hematology, Oncology, and Pediatrics Hematology/Oncology in HCTM.

The services includes

  • Patient review including body weight, height, allergy status, pre- and post- medications history, and lab result monitoring for optimum dose of medication.
  • Answering specific questions regarding cytotoxic drugs.
  • Collaborations with medical specialists in developing trial protocols
  • Providing patient counselling regarding medication regimen and possible side effects
  • Providing basic training and knowledge to final year students attachment
  • Organizing training programmes for local and international trainee
  • Annual audit for Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitutions¬† in HCTM