Visits from the University of Semarang , Indonesia

13 Jan 2016

CHERAS, 6 January 2016- Seven honorable delegates from the University of Semarang , Semarang , Indonesia came to UKM Medical Centre for academic visit. Among the delegates was Prof. Dr. H. Musrukhi , M.Pd Rector University of Semarang ( UNIMUS ) and SpOG ( K ) Dr. Hj . Siti Moetmainnah Prihadi , Dean of the Faculty of Medicine UNIMUS . The purpose of the visit is to make PPUKM as ‘benchmarks’ and to foresee the collaboration opportunities with PPUKM.

Meeting with both parties starts with opening speeches by Dean and Director HCTM PPUKM and followed by speech from Rector UNIMUS. A corporate video was played after both speech to give overall idea about PPUKM. The discussions and the purpose of the visit starts afterwards, then exchanged gift among two parties, photo session, and lastly visiting few places in PPUKM. The delegates pays a visit to library, MAC Clinic, ASSC, and Endoscopy Center.

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