11 Oct 2016

As of 1st August 2016, all Elective Posting (> 1 month) applicants are required to apply for Visa with Reference (VDR) before entering Malaysia for education purpose. Visa with Reference (VDR) is a visa issued by the Malaysian Representative Office abroad to a non-citizen to enable the individuals to legally enter Malaysia. The visa is approved by the Immigration Department Headquarters in Malaysia.

To apply for a VDR, kindly submit the following documents to

Copy/scan UKM offer letter
Copy/scan passport size photo (blue background)
Copy/scan all pages of the current passport including blanks to be copied only on one side of the A4 -sized paper (ensure the passport has a validity more than 12 months).
State/mention the nearest Malaysian embassy/high commission/consulate office address in your own country

The VDR process will normally take 1 to 2 months.

Upon approval from Malaysian Immigration Authority, will email the VDR approval letter to you. Please obtain the Single Entry Visa at the nearest Malaysian Embassy/Consulate in your home country by producing the VDR approval letter.

Note : Malaysian Immigration Authority will not entertain any request for elective posts (>1 month) using social visa as before. Students who enter using social passes required to return to their country of origin to re-enter Malaysia using a VDR.

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