19 Aug 2019

CHERAS, August 6, 2019 – A total of 115 participants from doctors, psychiatrists, dietitian, nurses, teachers and parents attended the Disability Child Health and Safety Seminar 2019. The seminar organized by the Child Development Center HCTM was held in Auditorium, UKM Kuala Lumpur Campus.

Some of the topics covered in this seminar are on children’s sexual development, risk of sexual abuse among children with disabilities, and sexual education strategies for children with disabilities. Additionally, a discussion forum was held with accredited panels for participants to ask further questions on the topic.

The ceremony was launched by Prof. Dr. Halim Abdul Gafor, Deputy Director (Medical Services), HCTM. In his speech, the challenges of different developmental stages for children with disabilities require an appropriate approach. Thus understanding and education of sexual health is seen as relevant today to parents and the various professionals involved in the intervention of children with disabilities. He hopes the seminar will provide a wealth of information and guidance on managing the health and safety issues of children with disabilities more comprehensive and professionally.

Also present Prof. Dr. Cheah Fook Choe, Head of Department of Pediatric, HCTM, Dr.Juriza Ismail, Head of Children’s Development Center, HCTM, and Dr. Norazlin Kamal Nor, Chairman of the Committee on Health and Sexual Safety for Children with Disabilities 2019.

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