Syawal Gift Program Signs Of HCTM Concerns To Patients

25 Jun 2019

By: Noorlaily Abdul Rahim

CHERAS, May 28, 2019 – The 1440H Shawal Gift Program organized by Hospital Chancellor Tuanku Muhriz  (HCTM) was held at 2.00 pm at 4D Pediatric Ward, Level 4, Hospital Chancellor Tuanku Muhriz .

A donation of 360 goodie bags and cash was given to patients in medical ward, surgical ward, and warga wards. This contribution is a sign of HCTM and UKM Kuala Lumpur Campus (KKL UKM) concern to the patients, which will be ahead of Aidilfitri soon. The donation was sponsored by Ronald McDonald House Charity (RHMC), the KKL Treasurer Department, and the HCTM Diagnostic Laboratory Service Department.

Present in the program,  Prof. Datuk Dr. A Rahman A Jamal, Pro Vice Chancellor of Kuala Lumpur Campus, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Hanafiah Harunarashid, Director of HCTM, KKL UKM  and HCTM deputy directors, En. Azhari bin Abd Taharim, House Committee Chairman Ronald McDonald and Mr. Shazana Yeoh binti Abdullah, RMHC Malaysia.

HCTM Celebrate Media Partners Through Badminton Match

27 Mar 2019


By: Director Office of HCTM UKM
Photo: Director Office of HCTM UKM

CHERAS, March 27, 2019 – Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz (HCTM) through UKM Medical Center Badminton Club (Medic RC) has celebrated their media friends in a badminton friendly match held on 27 March 2019 at the Bandar Tun Razak Community Complex. The Media team was headed by legendary singer and is also a Berjaya entrepreneur, Dato ‘DJ Dave (Irwan Shah) who is also accompanied by several artist and media friends from RTM.

The match was organized by the RC Medic Team Patron, Prof. Dato ‘Dr Hanafiah Harunarashid has turning this program as a platform in ensuring the objective of producing active, healthy and to foster strong relationships with various professions in the field of medical medicine and even cross community, including artists and media. Dato ‘Dr Hanafiah said ‘badminton is for all groups and it is a good for the Health Staff in order to remain healthy, active and create strategic networks with anybody’. He also pointed out that badminton is a major sport of the nation that can be played by all levels of society. Meanwhile, Dato ‘DJ Dave said’ This is a good start for media and artist partners to work together and support HCTM’s efforts in promoting a healthy lifestyle to citizens and communities’. He also called on more artist and media partners to work together to brighten up his efforts. This is evidenced by Dato ‘DJ Dave himself, when he was a role model as he was still able to play sports and badminton well and participate in national and international championships.

The matches were held in several categories and in favor to RC Medic Club (HCTM) with a 7-2 result. The reciprocal match will be rearrange as a mark of good co-operation and sport by both teams.



19 Feb 2018

YBhg. Prof./ Dato’ Sri/ Datuk/ Dato’/ Datin/ Tuan/ Puan,


The Center for Child Development, PPUKM will hold ‘SEMINAR KESIHATAN DAN KESELAMATAN SEKSUAL KANAK-KANAK KELAINAN UPAYA’ -In conjunction with Autism Awareness Day  April 2018. This seminar is open to all professionals, therapists, nurses and staff of UKMMC as well as public:

Date: 19 April 2018
Time: 8.00 am-1.00 pm
Venue: Auditorium, UKMMC

Any inquiries may be submitted to the Child Development Center, UKMMC at 03-91457055 / 7056

Thank you


INVITATION: Obstetrics & Gynecology Update Primary Care 2018

14 Feb 2018

Obstetric & Gynecology Department, UKMMC will holding “Obstetrics & Gynecology Update Primary Care 2018” which open to doctors / support staff in hospital emergency, government / private clinics, medical students, Graduate Medical Officers (HO) in O & G treatment.

Date: 21/4/2018- 22/4/2018 (Saturday & Sunday)
Venue: Auditorium, HCTM PPUKM
Registration Fee: RM 350
CPD: 6 Point

Any inquiries regarding this program may contact Ms Noor Harliana Ahmad at 03-9145 5950/5949.

  1. Registration form
  2. Obstetrics & Gynecology Update Primary Care 2018 Info


14 Feb 2018


HCTM Obstetric & Gynecology Department, UKMMC will hold an ‘INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: FIGHT AGAINST CANCER CAMPAIGN AND VACCINATION HPV’ program “open to patients and former female cancer patients, family members of patients, UKMMC staffs and general public.

Date: 4th March 2018 (Sunday)

Time: 8.00 am – 2.00 pm

Venue: Fasa 2, Taman Pudu Ulu, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur


1) HPV Vaccine Injection – RM 330 (3 doses, 3 injection) subject to staff of PPUKM, UKM, KL UKM Campus, UKM and UKM staff members.

2) Pap Smear screening

3) Health Screening

Other Activities: –

Forums, quizzes, exhibitions, lucky draws, zumba and other acivities,  invited celebrity is Haliza Helmi.

Registration is FREE !!! All are invited to this campaign.

Any inquiries regarding this campaign may be filed with Pn Munirah Mohd Zahari at 03-9145 5949/5950.

INVITATIONS – Field Hospital Training Exercise

23 Jun 2017

Field Hospital Training Exercise organized by MERCY Malaysia, HEJIM PPUKM and Orthopedic Department  is suitable for medical profession such as nurses, doctors, surgeons and others. Staffs, students and medical profession from other hospital are welcome to join. For more information, please  refer to below attachment and poster. Thank you.

jemputan_hospitallapangan01 jemputan_hospitallapangan02

Programme – UKMMC Autism Awareness Day 2017

23 May 2017

UKMMC Autism Awareness Day 2017 has held on 27 April 2017 at Auditorium UKMMC with the objectives to create awareness and understanding among the public about autism and the opportunities that exist for the Autism people. The program was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Zaleha Abdullah Mahdy, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Director HCTM PPUKM. Presents in the ceremony was the manager of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Malaysia, Deputy Dean and Deputy Directors, senior officers and the public.

This program was the result of cooperation between the Child Development Center, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Industry and Community Partnership Affairs, and Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Malaysia. Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Malaysia was the main sponsor for the event and very active in charitable giving to children who really need it.

A donation of RM3,000 by RMHC was given to PPUKM also been held. The donation was presented by RMHC to helf the Children’s Development Center and departments involved in promoting awareness of autism among the public. The event was celebrated with two performances from Sek.Keb. KTDI 2. The half-day program has attracted nearly 250 participants.

Among the activities that have been arranged are talks entitled “Autism: Current Reality in Malaysia” by the Director of Permata Kurnia Prof. Prof. Dr. Hasnah Toran, ‘Coping Strategies’ by Prof. Prof. Dr. Fairuz Nazri Abdul Rahman, Department of Psychiatry and  ‘Intervention Process and Parental Involvement’ by Mrs. Nor Shahrina Mohd Zawawi, Department of Medical Rehabilitation Services. At the end of the program,  ‘Redha’ film directed by Tunku Mona Riza will be screening. The plot of the story was based on a true story about parents raising their children suffering from autism.


PROGRAMME – World Stroke Day Opening Ceremony and Launch of Stroke Risk Co-Meter Application HCTM PPUKM

28 Oct 2016

World Stroke Day Opening Ceremony and Launch of Stroke Risk Co-Meter Application HCTM PPUKM was held on October 27, 2016  at the Auditorium, ASSC. The event was officiated by the Hon. Dato ‘Dr. Hj. Azman bin Hj. Abu Bakar, representative of Director General of Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia. Joining the ceremony were Vice Chancellor UKM representatives  YBhg. Prof. Dato ‘Dr. Imran Ho Abdullah and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Director HCTM PPUKM, Prof. Dr. Zaleha Abdullah Mahdy.

Stroke is the third commonest cause of death in Malaysia after heart disease and cancer, and leading cause of long term disability in Malaysia. One in six people experience a stroke in their lifetime. 70% of stroke patients suffer severe disability and 30% will become permanently disabled.

Stroke remains an important cause of health burden with health economic implications to the nation resulting from hospitalization, loss of income and cost of treatment including medications rehabilitation and nursing services following a stroke. Stroke affects 45000 patients and contributes to 14,000 deaths annually. The direct and outpatient costs of stroke in Malaysia is approximately USD$76million annually. The burden of stroke is likely to escalate considering the prevalence of metabolic and behavioural risk factors for stroke have reached pandemic levels worldwide. It is quite apparent that there is a need to develop more effective strategies in primary prevention of stroke.
Despite all these alarming statistics, stroke is a preventable disease. Identifying and treating important risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and lipid levels are essential in reducing the incidence and recurrence of stroke. All these preventive measures should be done continuously, as part of a national patient education program.
UKM is excited to announce that now Malaysians can become empowered in stroke awareness and prevention using a mobile app called Stroke Riskometer, which is available in English and Malay languages. The Malay version of the app was developed by the UKM Neurology Unit under the leadership of Prof Datin Dr Norlinah Mohamed Ibrahim, through collaboration with Prof Valery Feigin from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand. The app not only calculates one’s risk of stroke in the next 5 -10 years, but also provides stroke education and strategies to control an individual’s risk factors at their fingertips.

The Key Features of the Stroke Riskometer app include:

  1. Endorsed by the World Stroke Organization, the world’s leading organisation in the fight against stroke, the World Heart Federation, World Federation of Neurologists, and European Stroke Organisation.
  2. The Lite version is free for download (Android and iOS), with an upgrade to Pro version for personalized management advice, save and track results, view expert videos and email options
  3. Calculation of personalized risk of stroke over the next 5 to 10 years within minutes
  4. Monitoring your risk of stroke at quarterly, half yearly or yearly intervals
  5. Applies to ages 20 to 90+ years old
  6. Provides information on key warning signs of stroke – F.A.S.T.
  7. Indirectly help in controlling heart disease and stroke related dementia
  8. Optional feature of participation in an international study on stroke epidemiology – RiBURST (your data will be anonymised, encrypted and securely stored in the Central Database of the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)

UKM will be leading a clinical trial to determine the clinical and health economic effects of reducing stroke risks using this app. As unhealthy lifestyle behaviours are known to contribute to stroke burden significantly, addressing these will be the primary outcome of this study. A 1 point reduction in validated Life’s Simple 7 (LS7) is expected to lead to 10% reduction of stroke events in Malaysia, which equates to saving approximately US$ 7.6 million annually.

According to Prof Norlinah, “The greatest advantage of this Stroke Riskometer app is that is empowers patients to take charge of their life, and be responsible for their own health. This is in line with the World Stroke Organization theme for World Stroke Day 2016: “Stroke is Treatable; Get Involved”.  As the saying goes “Prevention is Better than Cure.”

PROGRAMME – Bone Health Awareness Day PPUKM and launching of DXA Bone Scan System

24 Oct 2016

Bone Health Awareness Day PPUKM opening ceremony and the launching of DXA Bone Scan System was held on October 20, 2016 (Thursday) at the Main Lobby, HCTM PPUKM. The ceremony was officiated by the YBhg. Prof. Dr. Ima Nirwana Soelaiman, representative on behalf of Dean Faculty of Medicine and Director HCTM PPUKM.

World Osteoporosis Day is an annual event celebrated every year on 20 October that aims to create awareness on bone health and osteoporosis disease that causes brittle bones and risk of fractures. Diagnosis of the disease can be measured with the engine duel-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA). Bone Metabolism Research Group has successfully acquired the machine for purposes of clinical research to understand more deeply the bone health and beyond to deal with the problem of bone disease.

Among the activities was held are bone density screening, which allows individual risk taking initial steps to maintain bone health and bone health fairs to educate people by maintaining bone health in terms of exercise, food, and daily activities.

PROGRAM – Program Komuniti UKM dan EPIC di perkampungan orang asli Kelantan

30 Sep 2016

Kelantan, 24 September 2016 – Program Komuniti UKM-EPIC anjuran UCTC UKM dan EPIC telah diadakan di Perkampungan Orang Asli Pos Gob, Gua Musang Kelantan selama 3 hari bermula 24-26 September 2016.

Antara aktiviti yang diaturkan ialah saringan kesihatan, sukaneka dan pertandingan bola sepak bersama orang asli, kenduri makan malam bersama orang asli, saringan kesihatan mata dan penyerahan sumbangan pakaian dan keperluan harian kepada penduduk kampung Tembaga dan Pos Gob.

Seramai 10 orang kakitangan PPUKM telah menyertai program ini untuk menjayakan program saringan kesihatan di perkampungan orang asli. Aktiviti saringan diselaraskan oleh HEJIM PPUKM dengan mendapatkan doktor, jururawat, kakitangan sokongan dan ubat-ubatan. Hampir 100 orang asli menjalani saringan kesihatan ini dan kebanyakkan mereka mempunyai masalah darah tinggi, selsema dan demam.

Objektif program diadakan dengan bertujuan untuk memberi perkhidmatan kesihatan, merapatkan hubungan silaturrahim dengan penduduk orang asli di sekitar Pos Gob, mengenali dengan lebih dekat kehidupan komuniti setempat, mendengar sendiri pemasalahan yang dihadapi olah masyarakat disana dan memberikan sumbangan pakaian dan makanan.Melalui lawatan dengan lebih dekat ini juga, UKM mengenalpasti modul pendidikan holistik untuk kanak-kanak prasekolah org asli yang boleh digunakan di masa depan. Modul pendidikan ini akan dilihat oleh oleh Fakulti Pendidikan, Fakulti Ekonomi dan Pengurusan dengan kerjasama masyarakat kampung orang asli serta Sek. Keb. Tohoi.

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