MEET THE EXPERT – Dr. Ahmad Khaldun Ismail

13 Dec 2017

World Health Organisation



The WHO SBE-WG is tasked with developing the strategic plan for snakebite envenoming, more specifically, development of a road map plan that aims to assess and address the global burden of snakebite envenoming, especially in mid- to low-income countries. The WHO SBE-WG consists of two different advisers’ groups constituting experts covering multiple disciplines and skills:

  1. Core Advisers: to prepare and draft plans for SBE strategies
  2. Review Advisers: to assist and support the core advisers’ group

The SBE-WG will initially convene virtually, either by teleconference or electronically. The first meeting will convene on 12 December 2017 at 2.30pm Geneva time. Dr Ahmad Khaldun Ismail from the Department Emergency Medicine, HCTM, UKMMC has been selected as a Review Adviser to participate in the WHO SBE-WG.

Dr. Ahmad Khaldun Ismail is a Senior Medical lecturer and Consultant Emergency Physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine, Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre. He is the President of the Malaysian Society on Toxinology (MST). He is the Founding Consultant of Remote Envenomation Consultancy Services (RECS) and Founding Director of ASEAN Marine animals & Snakes Envenoming (Poisoning) Management (AMSEM). He has founded several educational programs for students, healthcare providers and the public. He has a passion for teaching and is a well-known speaker both in Malaysia and Internationally. He has special interest in Clinical Toxinology, Emergency Medicine and Prehospital Care. He holds the authorship of a number of academic publications in related areas.

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